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The village of Elston lies about 2 miles south of Farndon. This is a settlement with a long history and of particular interest to FARI is the Chapel which stands on the north eastern edge of the village.

This chapel stands alone in a pasture and its history is poorly recorded. There appears to be evidence of other structures surrounding the building but at present these have not been investigated.

In recent years the Pentagon Local History Society, based in Elston, have carried out a great deal of research into the chapel and FARI have assisted in this where possible.

FARI's involvement has included undertaking a resistivity survey of the pasture surrounding the chapel, the results of which are shown below. In addition we have obtained a number of medieval documents which have been studied by the Palaeographer Peter Foden and which have produced a number of interesting results indicating the presence of perhaps more than one chapel in the area.


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